Online Coffee Mags Feature BioCap

Capsule Pack is excited to be featured this month in two leading online coffee magazines. Global Coffee Report and BeaneScene Magazine’s latest coffee news articles highlight BioCap and our efforts in using biodegradable capsules to fight the alarming increase of coffee capsule waste in Australia.
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Capsule Pack is now Organic Certified

With delight and pride, we at Capsule Pack can now pack Australian Certified organic coffee.

This means that our certified roasters can pack with us and bear the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) bud logo, the most prominent logo in Australia’s organic industry. ACO is the country’s biggest certifier of bio dynamic and organic products. Its certification program is accredited by different organisations world-wide like the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, US Department of Agriculture and Minister for Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries of Japan. Continue reading → “Capsule Pack is now Organic Certified”

Will They Ban Coffee Pods in Australia?

Coffee pod drinkersAustralians love coffee and there are thousands that have enjoyed the convenience of using coffee pods. Naturally, a lot would be devastated at the thought it could be banned. Though, it has not happened yet, there’s no telling how things would go in the future. Continue reading → “Will They Ban Coffee Pods in Australia?”

Where Do You Buy Your Coffee Pods? and more importantly; are they biodegradable?

We’re a real coffee culture here in Australia, you’ll be hard pressed to walk down any of our streets without seeing a branded take-away coffee cup clutched in someone’s hand, or walk into an Aussie’s house without finding a coffee machine or press.

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4 Reasons why capsules are good for commercial coffee roasters in Australia

Attention Aussie coffee roasters – let the benefits of capsule coffee packing take your roast to the next level

Capsule Pack Pty Ltd offers contract packing of coffee capsules to Australian coffee companies and retailers so that consumers can now have access to your specially roasted coffee in capsule form. At Capsule Pack Pty Ltd we use state of the art equipment enclosed in a climate controlled food safe environment to ensure the quality of your coffee. Continue reading → “4 Reasons why capsules are good for commercial coffee roasters in Australia”

What is the difference between coffee capsules and coffee pods?

As you can see from the above image they are physically two different products …

The coffee capsule is the image on the left. It is cylindrical single-serve vacuum packed capsules that require a machine compatible with the capsule. Coffee pods – the image on the right – are round pods placed into a filter to have a brewed coffee. Continue reading → “What is the difference between coffee capsules and coffee pods?”

Coffee Capsules: Revolutionising The Coffee Industry

Now you can get barista style coffee in a capsule …

Globally, coffee is becoming more popular. In Japan alone Seven-Eleven Japan Co. started selling cups of filtered coffee for a hundred yen (about $1.05AU). In just two months they sold over 450 million cups of coffee. Continue reading → “Coffee Capsules: Revolutionising The Coffee Industry”