Your Favourite Blend of Coffee

Where Do You Buy Your Coffee Pods? and more importantly; are they biodegradable?

We’re a real coffee culture here in Australia, you’ll be hard pressed to walk down any of our streets without seeing a branded take-away coffee cup clutched in someone’s hand, or walk into an Aussie’s house without finding a coffee machine or press.

But we’re also the sort of people who take great pride in taking care of our beautiful country – so it can be a little conflicting for us to think about where all those disposable cups and coffee pods go once we’ve drained the last drop and disposed of them.

Did you know we as a nation get through 3 million coffee pods a DAY? No wonder we’re such a productive bunch! The downside to that though, is that each and every one of those pods that end up in landfill will take hundreds of years to breakdown, which is pretty scary. The upside though is that we now have an alternative so you can enjoy your delicious coffee guilt free. Better than that, you can enjoy your FAVOURITE coffee guilt free from the comfort of your own home, win-win!

What Are Biodegradable Coffee Pods?

Unlike aluminium and plastic pods, biodegradable coffee pods are made from a plant based material and the seal at the top is made from pulp paper. These pods can be thrown in the regular waste bin and will be broken down in 180 days.

At Capsule Pack, we’re really proud to be contributing a solution to this global, environmental concern and also really proud to be at the frontier of it here in Australia. These new BioCap capsules are the first locally produced biodegradable pods available to our coffee industry.

Enjoy your favourite coffee beans, guilt free!

We’ve all got our favourite coffee shop, our favourite blend and our favourite barista. Don’t pretend you don’t!

If you used to buy a bag of your favourite beans to enjoy at home, but now you end up drinking more of the generic flavours you buy at the store because they are more convenient to throw in your Nespresso, that can change now!

The beauty of our biodegradable coffee pods means your local coffee shop can now supply you with your favourite blend – no mess, no more cleaning the coffee grinder and grains from every crevice of your kitchen bench, and no more sub-par coffee.

So next time you’re chatting with your favourite barista, let them know about Capsule Pack. They might give you an extra couple of stamps on your coffee card!

Are you in the coffee industry and want to deliver all this good stuff to your loyal locals? Get in touch and find out how you can help them enjoy their favourite coffee before they even leave the house!