BioCap Biodegradable Capsule Pod

We’re Launching the New Biodegradable Coffee Pod

Australian supplier Capsule Pack has unveiled a 100 per cent bio-sourced and biodegradable coffee pod compatible with Nespresso coffee makers. This innovative product was designed to help curb the country’s growing landfill problems with using coffee capsules.

Unlike aluminium and plastic pods, Coffee Roasters Australia’s Alana Beattie says the new BioCap capsules are made from a composite material obtained by transforming cereal plants to replace petro-chemical based plastics. As a result, BioCap capsules meet the European standard EN13432 for packaging waste.

Our biodegradable coffee pods provide a legitimate alternative for sustainability focussed coffee businesses. These businesses can now offer their customers their coffee in a compostable, “no guilt” packaging . This is an attractive point of difference for customers of these businesses. Coffee businesses can also have peace of mind in knowing that they are being environmentally responsible.