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Coffee Capsules: Revolutionising The Coffee Industry

Now you can get barista style coffee in a capsule …

Globally, coffee is becoming more popular. In Japan alone Seven-Eleven Japan Co. started selling cups of filtered coffee for a hundred yen (about $1.05AU). In just two months they sold over 450 million cups of coffee.

Now the market for making barista-quality coffee is rising. Consumers don’t want to leave the house to get quality coffee. They want to be able to produce that flavour which instant coffee can’t quite match. Consumers also don’t want to have to fork out thousands of dollars for a machine that will give them great tasting coffee.

The Solution Is Surprisingly Simple

Provide your customers with coffee that is sealed for freshness and quality. The optimum way to do this is coffee capsule packs, also known as coffee pods.

Coffee capsules are simple to use, efficient and cost effective making them very attractive to consumers who love your coffee but want the convenience of making coffee at home. Capsule-packed coffee (pods) are simply placed into the coffee capsule machine, press a button and then you have amazing coffee.

Capsule Pack Creates Coffee Pods Compatible With Nespresso & Lavazza Blue Coffee Machines

Capsule Pack in Arundel, QLD offer a range of coffee packing services and products: not only can we put your roasted coffee in pods. We also sell the coffee pod machines and can create coffee pods to fit Nespresso and Lavazza Blue coffee pod machines.

In fact we guarantee that if our pods don’t fit we’ll provide you with a refund.

We Recommend OzCap For The Best Coffee Experience in a Capsule

OzCap is self-protected with multi-beverage compatibility to offer superior results.

  • Superior capsule

OzCap contains 10gr of coffee delivering results which are better suited for the Australian market.

  • Self-protected

OzCap is nitogren flushed and fully self-protected for an extended shelf life

  • Multi-beverage compatibility

OzCap is capable of future expansion into multi-beverage market: coffee, tea, juice/soft drink, hot chocolate.

  • Equipment solutions

Domestic to commercial equipment solutions available.

It is important to remember that not all capsules will fit into all machines. Before purchasing capsules ensure your machine is compatible.

We recommend finding the machine compatible with your favourite coffee, not the other way around. Capsule machines are easy to find (check out our shop), finding a favourite coffee blend is not as easy.

Capsule Pack in Arundel provides solutions for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for something for the home or office we have got you covered.

To find out more about how Capsule Pack can help you, please contact us today.