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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do All Capsules Fit Into Any Machine?

No, there are different types of capsules which will only fit the type of machine they are produced for.

You need to check the compatibility of your machine to see what capsules best suit them or if you have a favourite coffee capsule purchase a machine to suit the capsules.

We provide 2 different types of capsules:

  1. Nespresso
  2. OzCap & Lavazza Blue

What Is The Best Before Date For The Capsules?

We recommend capsules are used within 2 years of being produced.

Is The Blend The Same In The Capsules As What I Use In My Café?

It could be but not necessarily. We will need to test your blend in a capsule to advise whether any adjustments are required to suit a capsule format.

What Is A 'Protective Atmosphere'?

The packing room is considered a protective atmosphere because it is climate controlled between 22 and 23 degrees at all times.

The room has been set up and approved to meet food safety standards. Any coffee received is subsequently packed and stored in this environment to ensure the quality of the coffee is not compromised.

Can I Use My Own Bag Or Box For The End Consumer Pack?

Yes, you can source your own consumer packs but we will need to work with you on what is written on your bag or box so it complies with food safety standards.

Can I Print My Logo On The Capsule?

Yes, on the capsules compatible with Lavazza Blue coffee makers you can purchase a roll of top film and have your branding printed on it.

However, there is a minimum run, which we can discuss further with you if required.

How many grams of coffee is in each capsule?

The number of grams per capsule is determined at packing time and is based on the coffee performance in the capsule format.

Capsule dose and grind is based on best performance in the Nespresso capsule machines

What Is The Best Way To Store The Capsules Once I Receive Them?

Capsules are best stored in a cool, dry place once packed. Capsules compatible with Nespresso coffee makers that have been packed directly into a retail bag need to be stored in an air tight container once opened.

For best results when using our Biodegradable & Compostable capsule in your Nespresso® machine

  • Please check that the capsule container and drip tray are not full. If so empty.
  • It is recommended to flush your machine prior to inserting.
  • Ensure that the previous capsule has been correctly evacuated before inserting a new capsule.
  • When loading ensure that the capsule is correctly seated in the slot before closing group. Closing the group on a capsule that is not seated properly will cause it to be crushed.
  • Evacuate immediately after use to prevent capsule sticking in the group.
  • Our capsules are plant-based and biodegradable and therefore the material will begin to soften with extended exposure to heat and moisture. On rare occasions, it can become temporarily stuck in a machine. If this happens, use the back of a small spoon to gently allow the capsule to fall.

NOTE: On occasions, excessive heat can impact performance. This typically can occur when the machine is used to extract more than 3-4 capsules in quick succession causing the temperature of the group to increase. This can cause the capsule to swell more than normal and not eject properly. If this happens, turn off the machine and allow to cool. Once the machine has cooled, you can continue to use your capsules.