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OzCap/Lavazza Blue Compatible

OzCap/Lavazza Blue Compatible Capsules

OzCap/Lavazza Blue Compatible Capsules

Below are your packing options for coffee capsules suitable for use with LAVAZZA BLUE® compatible coffee makers.

The Capsule

The OzCap capsule is designed to be suitable for use with Lavazza Blue compatible coffee makers. OzCap is a superior capsule with the ability to contain 9gr-11gr of coffee delivering results better suited for the Australian market. OzCap is nitrogen flushed and fully self protected for an extended shelf life. We have a range of domestic and commercial equipment solutions available.

There's a range of 4 colours to identify different blends for your brand if required.

We offer a variety of packaging options:

Retail Box Capsule Retail Box

  • We have generic retail boxes available that can be labelled with your brand!
  • It's cost effective, and ideal for those not wanting to invest in large packaging runs.
  • Label collaboratively designed for you using our high quality in-house label machine.
  • Colour: Matt Black
  • Dimensions: 141mm H x 99mm W x 85mm D.

Bulk BoxCapsule Retail Shipper Box

  • Holds 96 Capsules.
  • These commercial packs are perfect for larger volume customers such as cafes, restaurants or clubs.
  • Branded with your own label.
  • Label collaboratively designed for you using our high quality in-house label machine.
  • Dimensions: 132mm H x 235mm W x 235mm D.

Own Branded Box Capsule Retail Box

  • You supply your boxes to us for packing
  • Capsule Pack can manage for you:
    • 8-12 week production time
    • P.O.A

Please send your coffee to us using the below information

Contact Capsule Pack for more information about our coffee packing service, or read more information about our coffee capsule packing process.