Nespresso Responsibly Sourced Aluminium Coffee Capsules

Is Nespresso’s Responsibly-Sourced Aluminium Enough?

At the end of 2018, mining corporation Rio Tinto announced that Nespresso capsules will be the world’s first responsibly-sourced aluminium coffee capsules.

Nespresso and Rio Tinto signed a Memorandum of Understanding to source fully sustainable aluminium to produce Nespresso capsules by 2020, so customers can enjoy their favourite coffee beverage without (as much) guilt of contributing to the massive global waste problem. The two companies will be working with the manufacturers of Nespresso capsules to make sure that this commitment is fulfilled.

According to Rio Tinto, this joint initiative will be based on the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) standards that encourage the protection of biodiversity, stricter water management, and low carbon emissions in all aluminium productions.

Having an ASI-certified aluminium to produce coffee capsules is a huge milestone for Nespresso. It’s the first ever high standard for any industrial metal that’ll help reduce the negative impact of aluminium on the environment.

Capsule Pack’s BioCap

Nespresso’s effort to make environmentally-friendly aluminium coffee capsules is commendable. However, this doesn’t really address the negative environmental impact of these capsules. Regardless of how sustainable the material is, it could still potentially harm the environment if left unmanaged.

Yes, aluminium Nespresso capsules are recyclable, but the process isn’t all that simple. Most aluminium caps are mixed with plastic, which makes it more complex to reprocess. Plus, aluminium needs to be clean of any residues to be properly recycled. Any unused ground coffee will make it harder for recycling plants to do their job – if they even have the correct facilities, to begin with. If you really want to have your coffee product packed in environmentally-friendly capsules, then Capsule Pack’s BioCap is a better option.

Our BioCap coffee pods are entirely made from plant-based materials, including the foil. They are produced from sugarcane and sugar beet, making the capsules 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. Absolutely no recycling needed. In fact, Capsule Pack products bear the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) bud logo, which means our coffee capsules are all-natural and chemical-free.

Capsule Pack’s coffee caps will break-down into compost 100 percent. That means consumers can throw the coffee caps into the rubbish bin with confidence, knowing that they will not pollute the environment. BioCaps are the perfect solution for businesses with strong environmental values and conservation initiatives.

Nespresso Compatible Capsules and Fresh Coffee

Not only are Capsule Pack’s BioCaps biodegradable and compostable, but they also preserve the quality of coffee and do not affect the taste at all. The capsules are hermetically sealed through a plant-based oxygen barrier, which keeps the coffee inside fresh throughout their shelf lives. You can read more about Capsule Pack coffee capsule packing process.

BioCaps are also compatible with Nespresso machines. So, if you want to capture the coffee capsule market and remain committed to protecting the environment, switching Capsule Pack’s BioCap is the way to go. Whether you own a coffee roaster business, a café, or coffee retailer; it’s time to move away from aluminium Nespresso capsules and start using all-natural, biodegradable, and compostable coffee pods.

Contact Capsule Pack at 07 5676 6483 to know about our coffee packing service. Aside from being Nespresso® machine-ready, our capsules are also Lavazzalue Blue®-compatible. Call us now or send an enquiry online and start selling coffee products that will help preserve our environment.