Coffee waste in Australia is a huge issue

Online Magazines Feature Biocap Coffee Pods

Capsule Pack is excited to be featured this month in two leading online coffee magazines. Global Coffee Report and BeaneScene Magazine’s latest coffee news articles highlight BioCap and our efforts in using biodegradable capsules to fight the alarming increase of coffee capsule waste in Australia.

The features begin by recognizing the country’s problem with waste production, particularly the issues associated with the three million coffee pods that Australians consume per day. Although most of the capsules used by coffee packers can be recycled, a more ideal solution is to use biodegradable materials that will not leave any negative impact on our environment. Coffee Roasters Australia and Capsule Pack’s very own Alana Beattie explained that BioCap is the answer to this waste problem.

BioCap is the first 100% biodegradable coffee pod product in Australia. She stated that Capsule Pack spent two years in research and testing to come up with this plant-based environmentally-friendly product. BioCap is totally bio-sourced and does not have any trace of plastic, aluminum and other additives which will decompose only after more than 150 years.

They also mentioned the main features of Biocap that make it stand out among other coffee capsule products. One is being able to measure up with the European Standard EN 13432 for biodegradable compostable packaging which Alana Beattie stated is “the most recognized standard for compostable certification in the world”. Moreover, BioCap is certified with “OK Compost” label by Vinҁotte, a very well-known inspection and certification organization in Europe. The label means that Biocap passed a series of tests in a controlled environment and was able to biodegrade in no more than 6 months. In a 12-week industrial composting cycle, BioCap can degenerate into very small particles, which makes up less than 10% of the original weight and can even be used as organic fertilizer.

Proper handling of used BioCap capsules was also mentioned and there a number of ways the capsules can be safely disposed. They can be thrown into an ordinary rubbish bin to be transferred to landfills and disintegrate. Consumers can take also them to any industrial compost facility so the capsules can be converted into organic fertilizers. However, as mentioned in the articles, the Capsule Pack ownership is more inclined towards turning used Biocap capsules into organic fertilizers which can help grow more plants and trees.

Capsule Pack are very grateful to Global Coffee Report and BeaneScene Magazine for helping disseminate the company’s determined attempt to eradicate coffee capsule waste in Australia through using biodegradable products. Being recognized by two online coffee magazines gives us more determination to continue our advocacy towards creating a sustainable environment whilst trying to meet the growing demand of consumers for coffee capsules.

If you have any questions or you are interested in finding out more about our biodegradable coffee products, please call us on  (07) 5676 6483 or send us a message.