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4 Reasons why capsules are good for commercial coffee roasters in Australia

Attention Aussie coffee roasters – let the benefits of capsule coffee packing take your roast to the next level

Capsule Pack Pty Ltd offers contract packing of coffee capsules to Australian coffee companies and retailers so that consumers can now have access to your specially roasted coffee in capsule form. At Capsule Pack Pty Ltd we use state of the art equipment enclosed in a climate controlled food safe environment to ensure the quality of your coffee. Capsule packs are becoming one of the most convenient and affordable ways to buy coffee with the majority of Australian people opting for capsule coffee machines because they are more affordable than traditional espresso machines.

How can Capsule Pack Pty Ltd help your business?

Capsule Pack Pty Ltd is the only true contract packing company that specialises in coffee capsules in Australia. As such, we are dedicated to providing quality capsules for both Australian and international clients. Capsule Pack Pty Ltd offers:

  • Variety of capsule types to fit Lavazza Blue and Nespresso machines;
  • Capsule pack finished packaging solutions;
  • 100% local packing facility in a protected atmosphere;
  • Knowledge and expertise in the Australian coffee industry;
  • An established relationship with our sister company, Coffee Roasters Australia Pty Ltd;
  • Product freshness resulting in superior taste profiles and more variety for consumers;
  • Strict packaging policies to ensure coffee freshness and quality.

The benefits of supplying your coffee to consumers through Capsule Pack can help put your roast in the homes of Australians. Imagine your dedicated customers waking up to a cup of your coffee, easily processed through a capsule pack coffee machine for instant satisfaction. Capsule packs are fantastic in their simplicity and creation of coffee; it is no wonder that capsule packs are becoming the leading trending in coffee distribution.

Why should I turn my coffee into a coffee capsule?

1# It’s all about saving a dollar or two…

With online shopping and the ability to rent movies without leaving your house, today’s coffee consumer wants to be able to be able to enjoy the taste of coffee from the shop without having to walk out the door. But who can afford an espresso machine? With Capsule Pack, consumers can afford to purchase the capsule machines, the accessories and have luxury coffee in the comfort of their own home. Why not place your coffee and your brand in the home of your consumers? Capsule packs look trendy, are easy to use, create coffee instantly and can remind your customer every morning why they love your coffee.

2# Coffee is all about the quality…

At Capsule Pack Pty Ltd our capsules are produced and packaged in a protective atmosphere to ensure the quality of the coffee beans are not compromised during grinding and packaging. We will work with you to develop your roast into capsule form. Coffee starts degrading after it has been roasted so the sooner it can get to the consumer the better the quality. Imported coffee capsules can be months old by the time consumers try them. Here at Capsule Pack we can ensure your coffee is at its freshest and your roast doesn’t have to suffer from an overseas trip.

3# This can provide branding opportunities for your roast…

Our capsules can be branded to your particular roast and our equipment is capable of producing a variety of capsule formats. We currently work with recognised brands; Nespresso and Lavazza Blue, which have adopted the Capsule Pack difference to take their roasts to the next level.

4# Consumers can take your coffee home…

With online shopping and the ability to rent movies without leaving your house, today’s coffee consumer wants to be able to enjoy the taste of coffee from the shop without having to walk out the door. Capsule Pack allows consumers to enjoy your roast from the comfort of your own home or from your favourite retailers!

For retailers we also offer a comprehensive solution to attaining your own capsule offer as well as supplying capsule extraction equipment such as coffee/tea espresso machines. Capsule Pack can work with retailers to find the best solution for your needs. If you’re not roasting your own coffee, we have a number of coffee roasting companies we are affiliated with that can provide branded or contract roasted coffee for packing into capsules. Otherwise, if you already have a coffee supplier we can work with them to deliver a capsule product.

If you’re an Australian coffee roaster looking for something to take your roast to the next level then Capsule Pack can provide great opportunities and branding benefits for your roast!

To find out more about your Capsule Pack options phone (07) 5676 6483 or contact us